Why do we register social accounts with temp mail?

if we use our common mailbox to sign up for social networks,we may receive more than six emails a day, and these emails are not what we want. So, why not consider using a temporary mail? When registering for facebook, we just need the correct email address to receive the verification link and code. After passing the verification link, the newly registered facebook account can be activated.The temporary mailbox usually get emails in a very short time. if you try tempmail.ink ,you are able to receive confirmation email within 5 seconds.

temp mail for facebook

Many people think that temporary emails are only used by intruders for criminal purposes or spammers to send advertisements and viruses. This is not true. Temporary emails are more for privacy protection, because we can use them without registration,it can not able to leak our personal data,we will be safer surfing the web, we know that personal data is very important to us.

Tempmail.ink is simple and convenient to use. Just open the browser and visit tempmail.ink, then the system will generate a unique temporary email. We can use this email to register any social account. By deleting the mailbox, all mails are removed immediately, no one can access them again.

Now open tempmail.ink and generate a temporary mail now to protect your data!